Brina & Spencer’s Live Event Painting | The Lombardi House

Brina is an LA girl now living in Austin, TX with a love for all things southern including the Lombardi House ~ a fully restored Victorian-style farmhouse in the heart of Hollywood.

Discretely ensconced just off the 101 freeway, this completely unexpected, idyllic farmhouse retreat awaits the arrival of new guests, separated from the street by a quaint little fence and gorgeous yard.

My first time painting at the Lombardi House was for The Jim Beam Whiskey Week event , capturing the yard and outdoor area, and to my delight I got to paint the inside of the barn for this one!

With Brina’s father being the officiant and the couple having a strong faith, the ceremony was the moment they wanted captured most.


Brina & Spencer’s Wedding | The Lombardi House

I asked Brina to describe the experience of having her wedding painted for readers here:

“On the day of our wedding, Spencer and I couldn’t believe it when we saw the painter there at the end of the aisle, capturing the best day of our lives.  I distinctly remember hiring Laura, planning out what it would look like and where she would be, but to really see it in person on our wedding day is a feeling I can’t even put into words!”

Brina and Spencer With the Finished Painting

Brina and Spencer With the Finished Painting

Work in Progress

Work in Progress

“Our guests could not stop talking about how astonished they were to see a live painter capturing our wedding day!  The guests were able to walk by and check in on her progress, ask her questions, and stare in complete awe when she was painting some of it upside down!! I have to say, that may have easily been some of our guests favorite feature at our wedding.”

Side Note: It’s true, I love to paint upside down, I find it so much easier to see the faces and color relationships!

“We currently have our painting hanging above our headboard in our bedroom, and I am able to look at it everyday when I wake up, and before I get into bed to fall asleep.  I am constantly finding myself staring at it and smiling because it immediately transports me back to our wedding day.”

Some of my favorite things about Brina & Spencer’s wedding day:

The bride’s father Randy, who also served as the minister and officiant, was so enthusiastic about every aspect of the wedding, welcoming all the guests, doting on Brina and Spencer’s friends and insisting on me trying the bread pudding before I left for the night, {which of course was delicious.}

Their little frenchie Charlie, who captured everyone’s heart and was a real trooper throughout the whole reception.

Loved working with the photographers ~ super kind husband wife duo, James and Jess and also Wild Flora Design, who provided the simple, elegant florals that complemented the Lombardi House barn so perfectly.

Thank you James and Jess for letting me share some of your beautiful photos here.

Best wishes Brina and Spencer!