You described your style as impressionistic. Can you explain that?

Impressionism is about capturing a spontaneous snapshot of life that reflects a larger history, often accentuating the passage of time. Just like in nature, there are few sharp lines, and the style of painting itself is soft and dream-like. This highlights the raw essence of your day and your guests, instead of inconsequential background details.

How far in advance do you arrive to my wedding?

Generally 2-3 hours, so I can setup my equipment and begin building the frame of your composition by capturing your lovescape. I’ll start layering venue architecture, lush florals, and romance-glossed décor. By the time your guests stroll in, your scene will be set on canvas.

How soon should I book my live event painting?

For luxury canvases, I only take 10 commissions a year. The demand for live event painting is high, so I always recommend you book as soon as possible. Some couples book up to 2 years in advance. June and October are the most popular times.

Why do you use oil paints and acrylics?

Oil paints have a richer pigment, a glossier look, and blend more beautifully. This gives you more vivid colors and a life-like appearance that won’t fade over time. But I do use acrylics during the preliminary phases at live event paintings, so I can accurately depict your interiors before your guests arrive.

Do I get to choose who goes in my paintings?

Yes, but I typically recommend the focus stays on the bride and groom, parents of both sides, siblings, best man and maid of honor. Depending on the style of composition you’re looking for, the painting can get cluttered if too many peopleare pulling focus. During our consultation, I’ll be able to navigate your vision and help you decide how we can creatively incorporate those people who matter most to you, without ruining the integrity of your painting.

What size will my wedding painting be?

Refined sizing is 24 x 36", Luxury canvases are 36 x 48". But custom sizing is available by request for my most beautiful and elaborate works. Interested? Ask me about getting a custom quote.

How long do studio touch-ups take?

Most live event paintings that go back to the studio for touch-ups will be completed with in 4-6 weeks of the event.  Due to drying time and professional photography the delivery time is estimated at 6-8 weeks.

How much space do you need for your setup?

About 4’ x 4’. I bring my own equipment and don’t need extra tables, chairs or lighting. So you don’t have to worry about another to-do on an already busy day.  For evening weddings I do need access to an electrical outlet for my light.

Can I get prints of my original painting?

Yes! You can put prints on canvas or greeting cards to use as thank you notes. You will receive a large, professional digital file that can be printed any size, from tiny notes to big glicee canvases.

Does it bother you when people watch you paint or talk to you while you’re working?

Not at all! It’s part of the experience. While mastering my craft in The Museo del Prado, curious by passers were always peering over my shoulder to watch my creative process unfold. I’m comfortable painting in public and offering a behind-the-scenes peek into what I do. Plus, as a college drawing professor, I’m happy to answer any Qs your guests might have about painting, art history, and the traditional techniques I use.

Why choose you to paint live at my wedding?

Not only do I have a masters degree in painting and 20 years of experience working in oils, but I’m actually one of the pioneers of live wedding painting. I’ve seen it become a sought-after service and start trending in recent years. But I believe you deserve more than short-lived entertainment at your wedding. Your love deserves to be a work of art that’s worthy of your walls and lasts lifetimes.