Picture me, fresh out of art school. I was waiting tables in a historic 1800’s Baltimore club that’d become a popular spot to tie the knot. And this woman was asking me to go from painting still life to life in motion.

The pressure was on…

For the next month, you could find me at the train station, interpreting the nature of daily life. I spent hours capturing evolving scenes on canvas and people interacting with each other and their surroundings.

But what followed that first live event painting was a 10-year exploration of emotional landscapes. And soon, my art attracted admiration from couples who appreciated how a classical craft could relight modern life.

Now I paint for couples like you, who want to create a personal tribute to their partnership and new life together in an unexpectedly creative way.

Entrust your vision to 20 years of mastery built on old world oil painting traditions & classical techniques


You’ll find emotional depth in my paintings because of my breadth of experience. I’ve been cultivating my craft for 20+ years and have a masters degree in painting. But after my formal education, I found my true creative voice in Spain. By day, fascinated by the raw realism of the masters in The Museo del Prado, I let the spirit of their works school me. And by night, I spent hours interpreting the body language of live models through brushstrokes.






Earning the prestigious Fulbright grant allowed me to the intimate interactions of La Comida. This is a long lunch tradition in Spain where families reconnect mid-workday. In retrospect, you can see the thread that runs through all my works is honoring honest moments. Inspired by 19th century French impressionists like Monet and Renoir, the heart of my work is preserving the integrity of a vanishing vignette and reflecting the natural artistry of reality.






I paint the poetry of your wedding day — from the textures of your touches, to the colors of your conversations, to the self-expressive gestures that make your loved ones uniquely identifiable.

Each original artwork is carefully and candidly composed. A true labor of love that stirs your soul while it lives on your wall.

An imaginative impression of your wedding day, you’ll have a window into the rich relationships you share with your family and friends. Like a memory of a dream, every brushstroke bares beauty, telling the stories of your heart.

More than a painting, it’s a retrospective into your romance. A recreation of a real moment that’ll strike a new chord in you every time you look at it. A glimpse into what brought you all together in the first place.


Even if it only happens once, it can still be yours.


A Boston Terrier adoree and trail running addict. And when not mastering the art of observing, often found snorkeling the kelp forests off the California coast or making espresso.